Well, almost 2 whole months since I’ve updated this things.

June was pretty good. We attended St. Jude’s ball again, celebrated Rally’s birthday, went on the boat, hung out with friends and family, took Rally to more school, and walked in the Pride parade with the pitties.


July was also really good. The Forth was awesome, we did All Pints North, road tripped to Kansas, did a rooftop cinefeast, and had some cocktails at a castle.


And now it is August! This month is going to be a fun one. Seriously.

Yesterday, I ran the Minneapolis Half Marathon.


The course was changed last-minute and I just want to say that it was definitely NOT for the better. The start was all the way up at Theodore Wirth Park (instead of downtown Minneapolis) and the finish was underneath the Washington Ave bridge. This race was 100% to make a profit at the inconvenience of the runners and spectators. There, I’ve said my piece, time to move on.

Erik was generous enough to wake up super early and drop me off at the starting line. The race started at 6:30am and was nice and cool. The sun broke out shortly after the first mile. It was a gorgeous day. The course was mostly boring and at times wasn’t even in Mpls. They really last-minute put this course together. Sorry, I said I’d move on. The best part was running over all the bridges, especially the Stone Arch bridge.


I ran fine. My finishing time was exactly in the middle of my now 7 half marathons that I’ve done.


I won’t run this one again because I’m just too put off by the whole experience. I will consider continuing to run the Monster Dash (which is also a Team Ortho race) because the course (hoping it doesn’t change) and time of year is so much better. There you have it. Another half in the books. The next race I’m registered for is the Minnesota Half Marathon on August 4th.


And we’re back!

Summer is sort of on its way which means things are getting busy. I did 6 pieces for Eater in May and summer women’s soccer started. This weekend is another half marathon. Good times. Onto the favorite items.

Nails: Color Club Blue-Ming. Wearing this right now and I’m so happy about it. It is bright and creamy-looking and it stands out. Super cute. I will note that this formula doesn’t really go on very well. I’ve noticed that with some of this brand’s colors.


Makeup: I pulled out the Bare Minerals foundation powder the other day because I wanted more coverage and I’d forgotten how much I love this stuff. It really gives great coverage. Pro tip: I heard the pressed foundation sucks and I can first hand say that the pressed bronzer sucks for sure. Stick with the loose powder.


Activity: MWSL soccer is back and I’m so happy to be playing full field. I love CSC co-ed but this is just better. I recruited a couple General Striker ladies and they are a great addition. Loves my Treachery gals.


Summer Event: Did you hear? Sammy is coming to the Fair! I’m so stoked. Erik said that it is destiny and therefore he must take me to see my Red Rocker. The MN State Fair + Sammy Hagar. Oh, this is going to be a good summer.



How Bazaar


Last Saturday, Erik and I ventured all the way to friggin Stillwater for the Brewer’s Bazaar. Stillwater is gorgeous, don’t get me wrong, but trekking out there and then dealing with the weekend crowd is not so pretty. It takes place on the Avalon river boat and you get to sample beer from regional breweries. Here are some highlights and judgments.


The first highlight was that it was on a boat. On the river. Double win. The second highlight was you got a brat. A brat! Perfect for taking a beer break and filling your tummy with actual food. Onto the beer/breweries.

Bad Weather Brewing Co.

This newer brewery is a stand out. Their beer was noticeably great. Migration and Windvane were big winners for me. Check them out if you can.

Lift Bridge Minnesota Tan

Could I have hated this beer any more? The answer is no. It is terrible. It is a Belgian tripel infused with lingonberry and it is all sorts of wrong. It has a pinkish hue and frankly tastes like Berryweiss that someone watered down, spit in, and laced with NutraSweet. Who is this marketed toward? At 8.5% ABV, I’m convinced it is for To Catch a Predator type weirdo pervs.

Big Wood Brewery

The Bad Axe Imperial IPA is just too big and well, bad. Total mouth violation. The Morning Wood breakfast stout is fine. It’s just that I’ve had way better. This brewery is trying too hard. They had a couple of blond gals pouring the beers while a brewer/owner(?) schmoozed all sloppy-like. This beer will appeal to the type of guy who actually thinks Hooters serves excellent wings.

I don’t have much to say about the other beers/breweries except that I’m eager to try more from Tin Whiskers. And I’ll just remind everyone that Flat Earth really is good beer. I previously thought Lucid was forgettable (when I sampled it at North Coast Nosh) but now I appreciate the subtlety of their beer. Except for Duo, that was bold but very good.

I do want to touch the fact that WHO is pouring your beer at these events, really does make an impression. The guys at Trail Slap were SO nice and gave as much info as they could during the pours. Eager beavers just like their logo. (They are BRAND new out of Bayport). I also really liked the guys over at Lucid. Very friendly and helpful. They put young, cute boys over at Excelsior (who were very popular with the bachelorette party) but weren’t that helpful or informative. The guy pouring at Surly was engrossed in conversation and totally ignored me so that put me off.


I just found out that Tin Whiskers Wheatstone Bridge won the best beer. I voted for Flat Earth Sunburst Belgian and Erik voted for Bad Weather Migration.


Would I go again? Mehh. The price was better than other beer events but it was in Stillwater. I liked that I could try an array of MN beers in the confines of a 3 level paddle boat rather than a sprawling dabbler type event that I need a map for. There was a geezer band and they were precious and sang some Huey Lewis & The News so that was great. And I want to add that the guys from the Stillwater Rotary Club were very nice and helpful and they raised money for third world vaccinations or something.


On that note, my taproom guide is up and my 2nd Weekend Brewery Report should be posted tomorrow for Eater. Cheeeaahs!


I haven’t forgotten about Friday Favorites.  I just don’t feel like doing any.  Jk, I do but work is busy and spring is here and the calendar is filling up fast.  SO FAST!

Soccer, running, doggie classes, and yard work are taking up lots of time.

Know what else? I’ve somehow nudged my way into becoming a contributing writer for Eater Minneapolis. Eater is a restaurant-culture-centered network of city-specific blogs.  Eater Minneapolis was launched early this year and I actually get to put my knowledge of the Twin Cities food and beverage scene to use.  Phew!

Basically, I compile and write maps and guides.  You may have seen my blog post about the media event at Target Field. That was for an Eater guide. So far, I’ve done 4 guides and as of this week, I’ll be doing a weekly feature about breweries and taprooms. Yay!

Here are the three that are posted right now.

New Burger Guide
Target Field Food Guide
Taproom Guide

I have one more upcoming guide yet to be posted and the weekly feature will be posted every Friday starting this week. Good times.

Pittie Party III

Last Saturday was also the Pittie Party fundraiser at Stella’s.  It was Mardi Gras themed and lots of fun.

Please ignore Erik’s stache.  Yeesh.


We sure love our Rally bean.


Last Saturday was Minnesota’s annual rite of spring, the Get In Gear races.  This year I opted to do the half marathon.  So here’s how it went.

Friday, Erik and I biked down to Minnehaha Park to pick up my race packet.  It was our first bike ride of the season.


On Saturday morning, I got ready for the race, hopped back on my bike and almost fell right off because wow, I was saddle sore.  It was bad. Anyway, I biked back to the park and blah blah blah race, running, sweating.  It was HOT out.  Not regular hot but hot compared to Goldy’s 10-mile two weeks prior and hot considering we’ve been having a non-spring winter nightmare.


My time wasn’t as good as I wanted.  But, whatever.  I slowed way down toward the end.  Ok, for the 2nd half of the race entirely.  I still ran the whole thing.  Afterward, Erik met me at the bike corral and we discussed our sore tushies and rode home.  Very slowly.


This was my 6th half marathon and my this time ranks 4th.  The 2 that were worse were in July and August.  Next up is the Mpls Half on June 2nd!


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